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Improvement Refinements Underway for Section 1:
Route 819 to Norvelt
Preliminary Engineering (PE) is underway on Laurel Valley Transportation Improvement Project (LVTIP) Section 1: Route 819 to Norvelt (SR 981, Section Q20). As a part of PE, the Project Team completed an analysis to more closely evaluate portions of Section Q20 to determine a Preferred Option and provide safety and operational improvements at intersections within Q20.

Section Q20 improvement concepts were identified during the LVTIP Feasibility Study which was concluded in 2017. Specifically, the Project Team studied two design options for the portion of Section Q20 from a point north of where Route 981 crosses under the Pennsylvania Turnpike to south of Walton’s Lane. The two proposed design options, Concept 1 (Online Option) and Concept 3 (Offline Option), were identified during the study.

For both of the options, the Project Team evaluated impacts to the surrounding community, environment, construction feasibility, and costs. Based on the results of the analysis, an Offline Option was identified to best meet the needs of the project with minimized impacts. Read more about the Preferred Option on the Section 1 page.

Three roundabouts will also be included in Section Q20. The roundabouts will be located at the intersections of Route 981/Route 819; Route 981/Route 2007 (State St.); and Route 981/Route 2021/Route 2007 (Norvelt Intersection). After examining traffic and safety data as part of the analysis, the Project Team determined that roundabouts will be the safest and most efficient design option for these intersections. More information is available on the Roundabouts webpage.